High School Reunion

One of the things I look forward to this summer is our high school reunion. It's been 11 years since we graduated from our Alma Mater, BBSMNHS and we rarely see each other in one place at the same time so the only possible way to gather these scattered crazy packs is to set a get-together. And finally, it all happened yesterday, at One Laiya Ressort in Batangas. We weren't able to complete the attendance due to some personal reasons and responsibilities but we were all glad to see each other's faces again. haha!

It was a day full of banters and laughter, reminiscing high school memories and stories. It was short but sweet. Hope to see you all again next time as well as the others who did not make it. 

Class Picture!

Wacky and change position.

You don't sleep in a get-together to else...haha

Photos by our Class President Aphix Miranda.



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