Batanes: A Journey from a Dream to Reality?

Things are getting kind of heavy these days…

trying to figure out what road to take
there are many decisions to be made
and the only time I feel sane
is when I’m in a perfect “game”

I have a complete faith
that everything will be fine
Then I move away from pain
that they keep throwing me again.

Wondering while wandering…

One good thing about the road
is that it opens up my eyes
to realize what things I will miss at home
and everything that lies behind

Still thinking where my feet will bring me
As I chase my dream, as time passes by
When I’m feeling hopeless, lonely
Suddenly imagination brings me…

Overlooking the neighbor; Formosa, Taiwan
Dream carried me to the land of Ivatan
Batanes is the name of the outcast land
only inhabited, lil’ lands of Itbayat, Sabtang, Batan

And then I hear, an inviting sound…

I saw Mt. Iraya beyond the blur,
and I beheld the sight so pure
Below the misty mountain clouds,
a spell binding magic made me vowed

There’s a lovely shining silver bay
“Falowa” floating almost everyday
Raging waves of South China Sea
Hugging Pacific Ocean so incredibly

There I met living epic of “Malakas and Maganda”
Names are Marcelo Hostallero and Florestida Estrella
Both survived the test of nature’ wrath and time
living safely in a house made of cogon and stones of lime

Or perhaps they drink the water from the alleged “Fountain of Youth” in Diura?

House of Dakay warmly welcomed me
they treated me like a God whole-heartedly
they served the guest with “tatus” and “Palek” wine
the taste I felt that life is like so divine

Before I leave I vowed with respect
they answered back with love and a gift
they crowned me with a nice “Vakul”
to protect myself from weather so hot and cold

Most noted for its zero crime rate
amazingly til now, no heinous record update
best example, Cafe that oblige your honesty
try to lie and you’ll be punished by the invisible fairy.

For so many years…

Naidi sacrifice to hold the guiding light
Basco lighthouse shining bright at night
haven that attracts lovers to hangout
to witness romantic beauty without a doubt.

Oh How can I neglect you in my mind,
island that looks like lost in another time
with your alluring and virginal beauty
I hope one day you’ll promise to again see me

before I bid goodbye to you lovely Ivatan
I’ll pray for the prehistoric Burial Cave of Turungan
Recall Radar Tukon before being abandoned by time
Capture the volcanic aftermath, the Boulders of Valugan.

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